The Arbiter: Turning Pages – now out

I am very excited to announce the release of my new book Turning Pages, the first in The Arbiter series, is out today.

You can read a bit about it on my website or head straight over and take a look on

The Arbiter Book 1 (front)

This is not Page McAlaster’s day.

As the sole transdimensional fixer – a killer and thief for hire who can traverse worlds – Page just wants to get the job done for the shadowy Masters who pass down the orders.

In this profession, however, things are never quite so simple.

When a job goes awry and other fixers start showing up  – fixers who aren’t even supposed to exist – Page has to wonder what else might be untrue, just how much trouble helping these newcomers might be and if one bottle of whiskey will be enough.



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