Where to now? [Update]

So Caligation is out and I’m gearing up for a few new things. I thought I’d share them below.

I always thought I would prefer one-off books. However, both of these projects are series, though only one has a foreseeable ending in mind.

The covers are both subject to change, but I’m fairly fond of them so far.


Turning Pages (The Arbiter Book One)

The Arbiter Book 1

GENRE – Urban/Sci Fantasy (adult)

CURRENT STATUS – First draft for NaNoWriMo 2017

The Arbiter is a first person, noir-styled serial. I intend to keep the books shorter, so that people can snap up one of Page’s adventures in one sitting. I am going to be writing the first book for NaNoWriMo since it is likely to be around half the size of CALIGATION.

Here’s the teaser:

My name is Page McCalister. I’m what you’d call a fixer, an inter-dimensional planes hopper. And I thought I was the only one.

But things are never quite that simple, I guess.

Are you really sure you want to hear the story? I’ll have to tell it from the start…

Alright then. Take a seat, kid. I hope you didn’t have any dinner plans.


The Element of Chaos (Domains of Magic Book One)


GENRE – Young Adult Fantasy

CURRENT STATUS – First draft in progress.


The Domains of Magic series is planned to be a 5-book read, each following a different character in the same position. I blasted through 45k in the space of a few months, completely by accident and with no intention of ever continuing it. It’s on hiatus while I get the first Arbiter book sorted and then I should be able to get back into it.

Here’s the teaser:

The castle and university are alight with chatter. It is rumoured that this year all five of the masters will take on a pupil.

Seraphine Broqette is one such graduate, ready for a year under the wing of her mentor – the master of the zoetic domain.

Her plans quickly change when the king decrees that the five students shall study beneath the master of their weakest domain.

Now, paired with the cold and disapproving Master Adimai of the chaotic domain, Seraphine finds herself out of her element when the two uncover a plot that threatens to tear their kingdom apart.

tl;dr – new stuff ahoy!

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