C A L I G A T I O N – Launch date!

It’s official, I have a launch date! July 29, save the date!

CLICK HERE to go to the event page

Please go and have a read of the event and save the date in your calendar. It will be 4 hours of fun, chatter, giveaways and, of course, the release of the book.

The first chapter will be released for free to the public that morning, as well as links to purchase of the book (but remember you can get this free beforehand by signing up to my mailing list).

I also intend to have a pre-sale the week before. It is definite for Kindle, but I just have to wait for approval of my physical proofs before I confirm whether there will be a pre-sale of the physical copy as well on Amazon.

Since I am ordering physical copies from both CreateSpace and IngramSpark, I will also be doing a review on how they compare for those of you that are interested in self-publishing. I have heard that Ingram tends to be better quality, which is why they are also more expensive to print.

So please stop by and say hello on the day, and feel free to shoot me any questions about the book or the launch in the meantime.


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